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Technē Institute summer programs

Greater than 50% of participants were girlsRobotics & Technology for Youth (ARTY) summer workshops provide young people with the opportunity to learn and experiment with computer-based art. Students work in teams to build working robots, experiment with and learn programming, and develop creativity through exploration in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. UB engineers and artists supervise the participants and introduce students to the fundamentals of computer science and programming with integration of music, design, and playful experimentation. The workshops are targeted to under-represented groups in STEM fields, including girls and women.

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Center for Disability Studies

new handicap icon with quote: “… Our symbol speaks to the general primacy of personhood, and to the notion that the person first decides how and why s/he will navigate the world, in the broadest literal and metaphorical terms.” Artist Sara HendrenMichael Rembis, the director of the Center for Disability Studies (CDS) and an Assistant Professor in the Department of History, was elected President of the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) in 2014. CDS is a product of cooperation between the College of Arts and Sciences and People Inc., a regional service provider to people with disabilities in Western New York. UB has a long, rich history of disability-related programs and research that have attracted an increasing number of scholars from around the world to Buffalo. The UB faculty and staff have also shown a long-standing commitment to cross-disciplinary research and inquiry, especially in cultural, ethnic, gender, and area studies, and in strengthening the university’s ties with the larger community. CDS will focus on providing students and interested community members with broad exposure to innovative methodological and theoretical approaches to studying disability primarily in the humanities, with extensive collaboration in the social sciences, education, law, and the health sciences. It seeks to examine how addressing disability in its full complexity can promote the participation, self-determination, and equal citizenship of people with disabilities in society.

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