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Volunteers Matter


Giving back to today’s students as mentors, at career-focused events or as part of the newly created Regional Network Leaders, our committed alumni advocates serve a vital role in helping build a stronger alumni network. Our Regional Network Leaders serve a crucial role in helping the College’s Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement by serving as a resource to fellow alumni in their region and advocating for UB.

J-Freeman-Headshot“I believe that you receive help so one day you can help. My time at UB was successful and enjoyable because of all the help I received and now I want to be of help to the next generation of UB alumni.”

Jelani Freeman, BA ’02
Regional Network Leader
Washington, D.C.


J-Shalik-Headshot“I love to give back to the students and UB now that I have more time and experiences to share. I enjoy speaking to others about the opportunities that are unfolding here and why Buffalo as well as UB is a great place to live and learn.”

Jennifer Shalik, BA ’07
Regional Network Leader
Buffalo, NY



UB students are ambitious, intelligent and perseverant—they inspire me. By establishing the Enpol Student Assistance Fund, I am able to help students with economic or situational hurdles as they complete their degree. My life was altered when my father passed away unexpectedly while I was in high school. This impacted my pursuit of earning a degree and challenged me to find balance between attending classes and working part-time. UB gave me the opportunity to graduate with little debt and helped me find my first job. I give back to ensure that no unexpected circumstance deprives a student from completing their degree. UB students are graduating with a proven advantage and it is gratifying as an alumnus to be a part of my alma mater, its contribution to the community and the success of our students.

Mark Herlan, BA ’89, is a member of the College’s Dean’s Advisory Council
and CEO of Enpol, a plastics resin supplier in Atlanta, GA.



Amani Abruhama, Mark Herlan, Alexis Oltmer, Samah Asfour
True to his belief in higher education and the students the Enpol scholarship supports, the photo shown here of Mark and three of the Enpol Scholarship recipients sits proudly on his desk in his office in Atlanta.

Student-Ambassadors-TY-for-JPS-sectionFrom the Dean…

Thank you for believing in the College of Arts and Sciences, our students, and all that their future holds. Gifts like yours allow us to provide much-needed scholarships and fellowships, study-abroad programs and provide experiences and programs that bring classroom learning to life. Together, we are preparing students to be leaders, collaborators and innovators. Your generosity and commitment to our great university today will make the world a better place tomorrow

E. Bruce Pitman
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


The Julian Park Leadership Society

JPSlogoThe society is comprised of those who make gifts of $1,000 or more to the College. These gifts make a difference in the lives of our students and the promise they hold for the future. The College’s continued success is dependent on those who share this vision and commitment to excellence.


“UB was the doorway to my success. That’s why I support the College of Arts and Sciences and the Julian Park Society of Leadership Giving. I want today’s students to have all the advantages I had. By supporting the society, I am helping our students achieve success.”

Joseph Vacca, PhD ’83
Chair, Julian Park Society


“I owe a debt of gratitude to the College and UB. This is why I provide support by volunteering and being a member of the Julian Park Society of Leadership Giving. It’s my way of giving back to the University for the amazing opportunities that both of my UB degrees have provided for me.”

Mary Garlick Roll, MS ’88, BS ’84
Member of the Julian Park Society