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Why the College at UB?

A birds-eye view of the UB campus


If you are currently undeclared, then the College of Arts and Sciences might be considered your academic “home” while you are taking courses to meet your general education requirements and working through the decision-making process of choosing a major. The College provides the following resources to assist you in this process:

CAS 101: Trends in Arts and Sciences

This 2-credit course showcases the variety of disciplines and departments in the College and is designed to help freshmen and particularly, undecided majors, in choosing a major and making better-informed career choices. The course is a series of lectures featuring some of the college’s best faculty who deliver exciting and informative lectures on their research interests. Grading for this class is pass/fail and based on attendance which is mandatory. CAS 101 is offered in the fall semester only and meets on Monday and Wednesday, from 4 to 4:50 p.m. in 280 Park Hall.

College Advising Office

The Student Advisement and Services Office assists undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences as they make decisions about their educational direction. Make an appointment to see an advisor to discuss your interests and access resources. Information regarding all academic programs in the College can be found at

The university’s central office of Student Advising Services also provides advising assistance to students who have not yet declared a major. Helpful information about choosing, changing and applying for a major at UB can also be found on their site.

Choosing a Major

  • The Myths & Realities of Choosing a Major
  • Five Steps to a Major Decision
  • Resources on Choosing a Major
  • In My Own Words: Student Testimonials on Choosing a Major