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College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Seniors 2015

Every academic year, outstanding seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences are recognized for their service to the university and their high GPA’s. This year’s 26 recipients, who will be presented a personalized medal and certificate at the College commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 17, are:

  • Sean Bearden, a physics major
  • Ronald Bola, a biomedical sciences major
  • Ivana Bosek, a contemporary marketing major
  • Anna Davidson, a linguistics major
  • Thomas Effland, a mathematics major
  • Emma Frieh, a sociology major
  • Jocelyn Girigorie, a theatre major
  • Alyssa Hessler, a geology major
  • Karin Hsien, a philosophy major
  • Justin Imiola, an environmental sciences and economics major
  • Rebecca Johnstone, a geography major
  • Victoria Kent, a psychology major
  • Rachel Kramer, a communication major
  • Daniel Loebell, an Asian studies major
  • Shaunna McLeod, a chemistry major
  • Jessica Micceri, an anthropology major
  • Emily Niemel, a history and Spanish major
  • John O’Brien, an English and social sciences interdisciplinary major
  • Samantha L. Romand, a fine art major
  • Jason Ross, a music major
  • Christine Schaefer, a history major
  • Lucas Sokolowski, a business major
  • Morgan Stewart, a media study major
  • Nathaniel Sundholm, a speech pathology major
  • Samantha Winter, a global gender studies major
  • Jessica Yarnes, a political science major


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