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Faculty Profile:

Eric Huebner, Professor of Music

Eric Huebner, pianist and assistant professor of Music, has drawn worldwide acclaim for his performances of new and traditional music since making his debut with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at age 17. He is co- founder – with Brian Carter, professor of Architecture and Planning – of Music in Buffalo’s Historic Places, chamber music series which combines classical music with a celebration of Buffalo’s rich architectural history. The initial concert was at the Darwin Martin House in 2012 featured works by Beethoven — a favorite composer of architect Frank Lloyd Wright — in addition to pieces reminiscent of the American West, acknowledging Wright’s prairie-style of design. “I think inspiration can come in part from the importance of the performance space,” says Huebner. “As a performer, I can feel that history.”

For Huebner, a place influences performance most immediately in terms of sound. He says each location for the series brought distinctive acoustics to the music and was chosen, in part, because the space could accommodate the presentation — even though hosting a chamber music concert probably was something that never crossed the mind of the building’s architect. “Matching programs with the buildings is always interesting from a curatorial point of view,” says Huebner. “For this year’s show at Kleinhans Music Hall, the audience will be seated onstage with the musicians. This is a chance not only to enjoy music in one of the country’s great concert halls, but to actually sit onstage near the musicians during the show. It’s a truly unique experience.”

Kleinhans is both an historic building and an acoustic marvel. Completed with funds from the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s and designated a National Historic Landmark in the 1980s, its design considers the needs and demands of both the audience and the musicians. “Kleinhans is an instrument in itself,” Huebner says. “The audience will be up close, giving the concert an intimate feel, despite the size of the hall.”

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