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CAS Standing Orders

College of Arts and Sciences

Standing Orders


1.  Purpose.

Section 1. These Standing Orders provide for all variable and readily amendable matters of structure and governance within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Section 2. Any amendment to these Standing Orders requires a simple majority vote of the Policy Committee.


2.  Standing Committees.

Section 1.  The Policy Committee has the power to create, appoint, and charge any standing and ad hoc committees it may deem appropriate. The appointment term for committee members and chairs is normally two years, except for 1) those standing committees which have elections of members provided by statute, and 2) ad hoc committees. Committee chairs and members will continue to serve until their successors are elected and qualified.

Section 2.  The standing committees of the College of Arts & Sciences include but are not limited to the following:

2.a.  The Curriculum Committee shall consult, review, report, and recommend to the Policy Committee matters concerning educational programs within the College of Arts & Sciences, including (but not limited to) admission standards, degree requirements, and course development and approval.

2.b.  The Committee on Awards and Recognitions shall consult, review, report, and recommend to the Policy Committee on matters concerning nominations, awards, and recognitions of students, faculty, and staff for meritorious teaching, service, and scholarship.


Revised 29 October 2012