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Congratulatory Calls to Admitted Students: Alumni Volunteers

Thank you for participating in our alumni calling project! Please fill out the form below as you are making calls. This form will allow us to follow-up with accepted students as needed, and will give us an idea of the answer rates/success of contacting our newly admitted graduate students.

The Goal of Contacting an Accepted Student
• Congratulate them on their acceptance to a program in the College
• Share your experience about being a graduate student
• Provide the student a chance to ask any questions about the program, academic community, etc.
• Discuss career options and outlook based upon your experience
• Help prospective students answer any questions they have but may not be comfortable enough to ask the Admission Office staff.

Alumni Name (required)

Accepted Student Name (required)

Did the Student Answer?

If you had a conversation, did the student indicate the following in regards to enrollment at UB?

Call Details - You can include information about the call, questions that admissions or alumni staff should follow up with, and any statements the student provides about choosing to attend, or not attend, UB in the fall