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Admissions Timeline

Planning and thinking about graduate school? We’ve outlined some key steps to take in preparation of your application to UB’s College of Arts and Sciences. This timeline is designed to put you in a place to easily prepare and apply to your program of choice.

Please note: These are recommendations, and are flexible contingent upon application deadlines, your career path, and when you personally begin the application process. Fill out a graduate school inquiry form or contact the Director of Graduate Studies in your department if you have specific questions.

January – March (9 – 12 months out)

April – June (6 – 8 months out)

  • Plan campus visits, phone calls with admissions or department staff to answer specific questions, and follow-up with faculty about specific curricular, mentor, and academic information.
  • Ensure you research faculty to make sure your interests are a fit with program.
  • Research test preparation for the GRE, MAT, or other subject tests. Find out if your school has any free testing preparation, or where the nearest testing center is/how often tests are administered. If you are in the Buffalo area, UB’s Career Services office is a registered testing center.
  • Follow up and speak with current students and/or alumni of programs. Some things you can find out from them that are unique to the grad school admissions process. Utilize the University at Buffalo alumni network through LinkedIn to ask questions to program graduates.

July – September (3 – 5 months out)

  • Review specific application requirements.
  • Learn about the University at Buffalo’s financial aid process.
  • Is there an application deadline for funding vs. rolling deadline? Check your program and department’s admissions website.
  • Formulate list of individuals who could write letters of recommendation. Send them a welcome/ask email before assuming they will be able.
  • Schedule or take standardized tests (you may want to take it twice).
  • Learn about the region/area of the institution you are applying. 

October – January (3 months out – application deadline)

  • Visit schools if they are in area at local graduate fairs.
  • Check and see if there are additional or separate documents needed if applying for funding through your program.
  • Have Career Services or a peer review personal statement/essay/writing sample.
  • Create an application schedule to ensure the proper documents are submitted to your program on time.
  • Apply!