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New graduate with two majors and one minor

Natasha-SanfordNatasha Sanford has earned Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and computer science, plus a minor in linguistics. “Natasha’s background is a wonderful combination of left brain and right brain,” says Bruce Pitman, dean of the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences. “And she enters the job market bringing together math, CS, and linguistics – a potent combination for many employers.” FactSet, a multinational financial data and software company, recently hired Sanford as a software engineer.

“Employers continue to tell us that they are looking for graduates who can demonstrate their ability to think critically and problem solve effectively,” says Arlene Kaukus, the University’s director of career services. “Studying different disciplines enables a student to develop different approaches to addressing a problem or challenge. Such versatility and creativity is valued in today’s world of work.”

Sanford, a Louisville, Kentucky, native, love problem solving. In fact, she envisions computers as potential communicators which some day will connect people separated by language. She originally wanted to study cryptography, a math-based field heavily reliant on computers. She says that linguistics, the study of languages, was a logical complement to cryptography which is fundamentally about language. “Linguistics is math with words,” she says. “I like analyzing languages and there are so many computer applications that go with it.”