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UB team of students are outstanding winners in annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling


A team of UB students (Andrew Harris, majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and minoring in English; Dante Iozzo, majoring in Physics; and Nigel Michki, majoring in Physics) were declared one of only five Outstanding Winners in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, an annual worldwide contest in which undergraduate teams of up to three students spend 96 hours researching, modeling, and writing a report on a problem that is announced at the beginning of the 96-hour period. The students can consult any inanimate reference but cannot get help from anyone outside their teams. Dante Iozzo and Nigel Michki are College Ambassadors, a group of undergraduate students pursuing a major within the College of Arts and Sciences who have excelled academically and are involved in campus and community groups.

UB has been fielding teams since 2008, when we had an Outstanding Winner team. Each team has a faculty advisor and does some advance training, but during the contest the students are on their own. The advisor to this year’s winning team was John Ringland, professor of Mathematics.

Each year there are two problems from which to choose. Our outstanding Winner team answered a problem about Ebola. The contest is a very intense event which a number of participating students have characterized as one of the most memorable parts of their undergraduate experience.

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