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Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

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The College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are excited to collaborate on the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program.  While both schools provide a broad range of programs to ensure the success of their students, this special initiative will provide support and extra-curricular opportunities geared toward female students in the STEM fields with the goal of increasing the recruitment, retention and success of women in the sciences, math and engineering.

Whether you are a new student with an interest in science, or an upperclasswoman or graduate student majoring in a STEM discipline, we invite you to participate in WiSE programs where you can exchange ideas, gain confidence, and give and receive support among female peers and colleagues increasing the success of all of your academic endeavors.

Please contact with any questions, comments or suggestions for future events!


WiSE students can participate in a variety of programs throughout the year. While the orientation is specifically geared toward incoming freshwomen, there are programs available to all class years/levels. Students are encouraged to take advantage of study groups, guest lectures in the STEM fields, a 1-credit Discovery Seminar, and a brown bag lunch series focusing on the many services UB offers to ensure success in your chosen field.

WiSE Orientation for Female Freshwomen

WiSE kicked-off with an orientation on August 31 when 55 incoming freshwomen came together for dinner, networking, and hands-on teambuilding activities.

Study Groups

Create your own study group or join one in your intended department.  Math, science and engineering departments offer formal tutoring and informal study groups to supplement your work in class and recitation.  Master the concepts while enjoying the social network of other female students!

“WiSE and Shine” Breakfast Meetups

Enjoy a free breakfast with female faculty members at UB.  This is a fun opportunity to meet people and form connections with other females in STEM across campus.

Guest Lectures

The University at Buffalo is teeming with special events and guest lectures that give you access to great people and great minds.  We encourage you to attend upcoming events as your schedule allows to get exposure to the depth and breadth of what the STEM fields have to offer and to broaden your network of contacts as you begin to think about internships, research and post-graduation employment.

Brown Bag Lunch Series

As a woman in a STEM field, your ability to network, uncover resources and ask for what you want will prove invaluable.  Bring your lunch and join us for a series of conversations about specific campus resources of which you should take advantage as you work your way through your academic plan towards graduation.

Discovery Seminar: Women in Science and Engineering

This 1-credit seminar brings together students and faculty to explore issues that present themselves to women as they pursue careers in science and engineering: challenges in academic, government and private sector positions; professional expectations; changing attitudes and realities around the globe regarding women in scientific disciplines; gender biases; gendered language; research and publications.

Upcoming Events

Join our WiSE group on UBLinked to view events and RSVP.  UBLinked allows you to track your participation at events and create a comprehensive resume, also known as a co-curricular transcript, listing all of the activities you were involved with outside of the classroom.  More information about setting up your account and using UBLinked can be found at UBLinked information/help page.  Visit WiSE on UBLinked periodically to check out new events!

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