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UB faculty, staff and students influence thousands of lives within the community every day, helping Western New York build a brighter future. The College encourages faculty, staff and students to make a difference in our regional and global communities through teaching, research, and service programs, recognizing the importance of integrated engagement as vital to our mission. Faculty scholarship impacts lives around the globe, while locally our activities touch our neighbors across Western New York, from the Buffalo Public Schools to Roswell Park Cancer Institute to the galleries and studios of Elmwood Avenue. These engagement activities also enrich the learning experience of our students by providing a unique, hands-on experience that enhances their personal development while improving their skills as engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders.

Initiatives such as the Civic Engagement and Public Policy strategic strength were formed to advance applied research and engage scholarship to address social and policy challenges and persistent inequalities such as those related to race, class, and gender. Results of collaborative research are shared among scholars, community leaders, and policymakers with the goal of developing integrated solutions to pressing social needs and concerns, positively impacting communities and informing public policy. Through this initiative, and others like it, faculty have been awarded fellowships in support of community-based research in collaboration with local partners.

Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response, another strategic strength, involves the Center for Geohazard Studies and the School of Engineering working together to make the world a safer place through research on earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters, to help communities become better prepared. Associated faculty have been instrumental in studying the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and have recently simulated the effect of an eastern US earthquake on New York City brownstone buildings, improving the capability to predict damage to life and property.

The Human Capital Institute is a new initiative that brings together scholars from Economics and the Graduate School of Education, to study the impact of education on economic development through job creation and worker education, and by enhancing cultural infrastructure.

The Humanities Institute and the Technē Institute for Arts & Emerging Technology have established themselves as important entities supporting the arts and humanities in the region, promoting research and intellectual exchange across many disciplines. Building on Buffalo’s rich legacy of artistic and cultural innovation, these institutes bring together community organizations and faculty to promote innovative scholarship and teaching.

These are but a few examples of how the faculty and students of the College are engaging the community to enrich lives and solve the problems of today. In ways both large and small, the activities of the College improve the local economy and better the lives of people both in Western New York and beyond.