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Strategic Plan

The College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan (released May 16, 2013)

The College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan Appendices

Given the size, scope and service function of the College, we play a significant role in the aspirations of Realizing UB2020, the University’s strategic plan. Because of the financial stability provided through the NYSUNY 2020 legislation, the University and the College are now planning carefully for the investment of new resources, fueling a recovery from the budgetary restrictions of 2008-2011 that will lead to an enhanced definition and realization of academic excellence at UB. But what should the College look like in 2018, the 20th birthday of the current reincarnation of the College? As new resources become available, what are the right investments in departments, centers and institutes, to ensure the highest quality education for our students? What are the best ways to enhance our teaching, research and service in support of our faculty and our departments while also assisting the university in moving up the AAU ranks?

To this end, the College undertook a strategic planning process during the 2012/13 academic year. Six task groups were established to examine undergraduate and graduate education, research, faculty support, space and resources, and College identity, with more than 65 faculty and staff members from across the College serving on these groups. CAS Associate and Assistant Deans served as chairs of these task groups, and, together with the vice-provosts for undergraduate and graduate education and the vice-president for research, constituted a steering committee that led us through the planning process. After numerous iterations and much feedback from constituents within the College, the current plan was released in mid-May. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with this plan and to consider what you can do to participate in further planning and implementation exercises. Collectively, we must ensure that the College succeeds in accomplishing the various tasks outlined in an effort to become a destination of choice for both excellent faculty and students.