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Alumni Engagement Grant Program


The College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Grant Program is designed to provide financial support to student groups, faculty and departments that create events for alumni. Students and faculty/departments have the opportunity to apply for an Alumni Grant Award to receive monetary awards up to $500.

For more information on criteria and guidelines, please click here.

Questions? Contact the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement at 716-645-0841 or

Alumni Engagement Grant Program Form

First Name (required)

Last Name (required)

Email Address (required)

Confirm Email Address (required)

Group/Club/Department/Name (required)

Applicant Phone Number (required)

University Division

Event Name (required)

Is this a Co-Sponsored Event (Any other club/office/group involved?)

If yes, who is/are the additional sponsor(s)?

Event Date & Time (required)

Event Location (required)

Event Address (required)

Event Type (required)

Event Purpose (required)

What is the event program timeline? (required)

Alumni role in the event (i.e. participant, presenter, facilitator) (required)

Event Marketing Plan (required)

Requested Award Amount (Between $50-$500) (required)

If approved, what expenditures will you cover with the funds? (required)

Please detail your event budget, including all funding sources. (required)

If an annual event, how many alumni attended last year? (required)

If not an annual event but the event has occurred before, when did it last occur and how many alumni attended this event? (required)

Has your University Office received a previous alumni engagement award? (required)

Expected Alumni Attendance (required)

Expected Total Attendance (required)

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