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Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

Keeping strong connections with alumni is everyone’s job–and everyone’s privilege–at the University at Buffalo. The Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement is here to help faculty and staff stay closely connected with our graduates. For strategic collaboration on any of the following needs–or to create something completely new involving alumni–contact for help with any of the following needs.

Alumni Contact Information and Mailing Lists

The Division of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement maintains the university’s official database of record for alumni information. Faculty and staff may request directory information (full name, address and telephone numbers, degree information, employer name and address, email address, and fax numbers) for an individual alumnus from their college’s Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement. Faculty and staff who hold a degree from the University at Buffalo may search the Online Alumni Community –the UB Alumni Association’s exclusive web-based database–for fellow graduates’ contact information. Also, the University at Buffalo Alumni Association and the University at Buffalo are on LinkedIn.

Many departments keep alumni well informed through newsletters and other special communications. Thanks to diligent management of the official alumni database, there is no need for you or your department to maintain separate lists. The Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement partners with your department or college to ensure your graduates receive your publications.

E-newsletters, e-invitations, and requests to complete online surveys

Our office makes distribution of your electronic communications easy. Prepare your electronic communication, forward it to Gina Cali-Misterkiewicz at least 10 business days in advance of your email date, and we will email it to alumni from your department.

Share alumni news and address updates


Graduates often share their personal and professional news with faculty or staff. Please help us update records and spread the good news further by forwarding copies of their letters and/or emails to We will ensure that the database is updated and news appears in the Class Notes section of At Buffalo and the alumni website.

Address and other updates

Alumni are encouraged to update their own records directly via the link here; however, it is not uncommon for alumni to provide changes of address, employment changes, or other biographical updates to their department or individual faculty. Please help us keep the official alumni database of record current and accurate. If you receive such a change from an alumnus/a, please forward it to the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement.

Volunteer Appreciation

UB remains a special home for so many of our alumni. Those who return to serve their alma mater as guest lecturers, lead workshops, or contribute to the life of our campus community in other meaningful ways deserve a warm welcome and a tangible sign of appreciation. To request an appreciation gift for a visiting alumnus/a, please contact the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement by email or phone (716-645-0850); at least two business days advance notice is appreciated.


If you have questions or ideas about philanthropy, please contact us at

Tours for Alumni and other Special Visitors

We’re here to make a returning graduates’ campus visit special. We can arrange personalized tours of our growing campus and give the visitor a special welcome. At least two business days advance notice by email or phone (716-645-0850) is appreciated.


What else can we help you with?

Keeping strong connections with alumni really is everyone’s job, and we welcome your thoughts on how to improve what we already do and how to do more. Send us your suggestions

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