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Regional Network Leaders

Current Regional Network Leaders


The College of Arts and Sciences is expanding our alumni program in size, scope and reach. Our 90,000+ alumni form a powerful global network. The strength of the network is dependent upon a group of alumni, who form the regional network leaders. Regional Network Leaders serve a vital role in helping the College’s Alumni Engagement Office to build an alumni network by serving as a resource to fellow alumni in their region, acting as a liaison between regional alumni and the College’s Alumni Engagement staff and advocating for UB during a very exciting time for the university.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Act as primary contact in the region for the College’s Alumni Office, Office of the Dean, Career Services or Admissions when seeking alumni engagement or feedback.
    • Make congratulatory calls to admitted students who have not yet selected UB.
    • Assist with peer to peer communication for all College planned activities/events.
    • Participate in career events for students, including Career Conversations.
    • Solicit and propose programming ideas and venue suggestions for upcoming alumni events.
    • Keep young alumni and gradates of the last decade connected upon graduation.
  • Encourage area alumni to attend all College and UB events by reaching out via email or phone to promote and increase attendance. In turn, lead by example by attending as many alumni events in your region as possible.
  • Be a Social Media Advocate for the college, which includes sharing posts/tweets from the College’s social media channels.
  • Host one event in your area (multiple RNL’s can collaborate to host). These events are eligible for an Alumni Engagement Grant [up to $500 grant])
  • Larger markets may warrant several Regional Network Leaders to effectively engage the local alumni population.


  • Registration fee for each attended UB event in your region covered by the College (Up to $25 per event).
  • Weekly updates from the College Alumni Engagement Office
  • Annual video conference call with Robin Schulze, Dean of the College, on updates and vision
  • Early event invites for College events and force registration for sold out events
  • Invitation to the College’s Scholarship and Alumni Awards Ceremony
  • Regional Network Leader nametag and business cards
  • Special training sessions, including “How to work a room”
  • Personal introductions to members of the College Dean’s Advisory Council


Serve a two year term as a regional network leader.  Upon completion, work with the Director of Alumni Engagement to determine the next phase of engagement with the university.  Also provide suggestion for a RNL predecessor.


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