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CAS 101

Departmental Sign up for CAS 101 Sessions

CAS 101: “Trends in Arts and Sciences”

This 2-credit course showcases the variety of disciplines and departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and is designed to help freshmen and, particularly, undecided majors in choosing a major and make better-informed career choices. The course is a series of lectures featuring some of the university’s best faculty who deliver exciting and informative lectures on their research interests. Grading for this class is pass/fail and it it based on attendance which is mandatory.  CAS 101 will be offered in Spring 2017.


Sign up Dates for Spring 2017

Status Date Presenter Department
 Taken  1/30/17 Sean Bennett GEO
 Taken  2/1/17 Greg Valentine GLY
 Taken  2/6/17 Timothy Cook CHE
 2/8/17 Reserved
 Taken  2/13/17 Ryan Muldoon PHI
 Taken  2/15/17 Jacob Neiheisel PSC
 Taken  2/20/17 Cecil Foster TNS
 Taken  2/22/17 Nona Carter ASP
 Taken  2/27/17 Adam Rome HIS
 Taken  3/1/17 Elizabeth Scarlett RLL
 Taken  3/6/17 Lance Rintamaki COM
 Taken  3/8/17 David Teegarden CL
 Taken  3/13/17 Phillips Stevens Jr. APY
 Taken  3/15/17 Cristanne Miller ENG
 Taken  3/27/17 Jae-Hun Jung MTH
 3/29/17 Reserved
 Taken  4/3/17 Sanford Geffner SSC
 Taken  4/5/17 Marc Bohlen DMS
 Taken  4/10/17 Lindsay Brandon Hunter THD
 Taken  4/12/17 Jeff Higginbotham CDS
 Taken  4/17/17 Steve Free BIO
 Taken  4/19/17 Joan Linder ART
 Taken  4/24/17 Rui Chaves LIN
 Taken  4/26/17 Joanne Song-McLaughlin ECO
 Taken  5/1/17 Jonathan Golove MUS
 Taken  5/3/17 Peter Pfordresher PSY
 Taken  5/8/17 Kristen Lee SOC
 Taken  5/10/17 Reserved PHY


For Further Information

If you would need additional information about the CAS 101 course, contact:
Stefanos Papazaharias
Staff Associate for Undergraduate Education
Office: 829 Clemens
Phone: (716) 645-2711