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CAS Curriculum Committee

The CAS Curriculum Committee (CASCC) reviews undergraduate new course proposals, changes in undergraduate degree requirements, and new undergraduate degree proposals.  Upon CASCC approval, proposals are forwarded to the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education for final University approval and further processing with SUNY.

Undergraduate New Course Proposals are submitted electronically by filling out the online form at  The form requires UB log in authentication.  When filling in the information on the “Contacts” tab of the online form, proposers must provide the email of their Department Chair, and add Stefanos Papazaharias (email address  in the area for Associate Dean.  The field asking for the Dean’s email address should be left blank.  In order for the proposal to reach the Dean’s office and the Committee, the Chair of Department where the proposal originates must review it and, if s/he finds it in good order, must click the submit button.

Undergraduate Curriculum Changes to Existing Degree Programs are submitted by following the guidelines and format at

Undergraduate New Degree Proposals  Please contact Stefanos Papazaharias at