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Prismatic Illusions at the UB Anderson Gallery

Brooklyn-based artist Amanda Browder will bring her contemporary fabric creations to the Anderson Gallery September 11-14 and then to an exhibition in the Center for the Arts on the North Campus. “‘Prismatic Illusions’ is inspired by the architectural ornamentation that I saw around Buffalo in the parks and vintage buildings when I was visiting in May,” Browder says. “Taken from one of the city’s monikers, ‘City of No Illusions,’ this piece will reflect the warmth, excitement and energy that is present via the people that live here.”

The outdoor art – a vibrant sculpture created from fabric and constructed by local volunteers – will cover sections of the building. Rachel Adams, associate curator of the UB Art Galleries, asked Browder to do a large work at the Anderson Gallery as part of the fall group exhibition “Splitting Light.” When they talked about it, Adams learned that Browder’s works do not last well outdoors past a few days. So, it made sense to move the work into the UB Art Gallery with the other works, giving it a second life. The light well gallery is actually the same height as the Anderson Gallery roof.

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